SEOunity Pro is a powerful plugin for WordPress

+49 points for improving your site, SEO site preparation, removing duplicate pages, clearing code from garbage, correct redirects, additional protection, and more…

The plugin works successfully on 32 162 sites…

What can the SEOunity plugin do?

Removes excess code and garbage from the source code


.Since version 4.4, WP creates technical pages / wp-json/ that are successfully indexed by search engines, and garbage pages are included in the index. The screenshot shows an example of a site that has 34,000 technical pages in the index.

Disables support Emoji

Since version 4.2, WP has added support for emojis to the source code for older browsers. Uses an external library from Twitter. In 90% of cases, this only creates extra code and requests to external resources.

Removes unnecessary links from the section

By default, WP outputs links to RSS, WLW Manifest, short link /?p=1, previous and next entries.

Removes the styles .recentcomments​

WP by default for the «recent comments» widget prescribes styles in the code that are almost impossible to change, because it is applied to them !important.

Deletes the dns prefetch

Since version 4.6.1, WordPress has added new links in the <head> section like this: <link rel= ‘dns-prefetch’ href=’//’>

Deletes jquery-migrate.min.js​

File jquery-migrate.min.js required for old jQuery scripts before version 1.9. x.there is almost no need to use this file Now.

Improves website SEO​

Automatically sets the last Modified header​

WordPress does not know how to give the last Modified header in the server responses (the date of the last document change) and give the correct answer: not Modified. And this title is very important for search engines. Its presence speeds up indexing, reduces the load, and allows search engines to load more pages in the index at a time.

Automatically sets the alt attribute

The alt attribute is required, as most SEO specialists say. If you missed it in an article or didn’t fill it in at all, it will be entered automatically and will be equal to the article title.

Hides external links in comments in JS

Extra external links from comments, which may be a dozen or more for a single article, will not bring anything good for promotion.

Hides external links of comment authors in JS

Up to 90% of blog comments can be left for external links. Even nofollow from leaking page weight will not help here.

Creates the correct one robots.txt

After installation WP does not contain a file robots.txt and you have to create it manually. We reread about 30 different articles, instructions from Google to create the perfect robots.txt

Redirect from http to https

Redirect from http to httpsif you have configured an SSL certificate on Your domain, be sure to enable the redirect from http to https so that search engines correctly index Your site.

Noindex for pagination pages

The search results of search engines include pagination pages /page/2/, /page/3/, and so on.

HTML minification

Allows you to reduce the page size by 20-30% by removing line breaks, tabs, spaces, and so on. In addition to reducing the page weight, this adds points to Google PageSpeed.

Yoast SEO extensions

Removes duplicate names in breadcrumbs WP SEO by Yoast

The last element in breadcrumbs in the WP SEO by Yoast plugin duplicates the article title. Some SEO specialists consider this duplication unnecessary.

Changes the record name to title in breadcrumbs​

At the request of clients, we replaced duplicating the record name with the page title.

Removes the <image:image> tag from the XML site map

The standard XML map from the Yoast plugin has a specific <image:image> tag, which we removed to avoid internal conflict.

Deletes a comment from the <head>section

The Yoast SEO plugin outputs a comment like <!— This site is optimized with the Yoast SEO v3. 1. 1 plugin — —> in the <head>section

Deletes the application/ld+json code

JSON-LD-micro markup format. Yoast outputs site information and a search link in the header using this format, which is constantly cursed by the micro-markup validator.

Canonical on pagination pages

The Yoast SEO plugin displays canonical links /page/2/, /page/3/, etc. on pagination pages.

Removes duplicate pages

Deletes date archives

A huge number of duplicates in the date archives. Imagine, in addition, that Your article will be displayed on the main page and in the category, You will still get at least 3 duplicates: in the archives by year, month and date, for example /2016/ /2016/02/ /2016/02/15.

Deletes a user's archive

If the site is filled only by You — a mandatory item. Allows you to get rid of duplicates on user archives, such as /author/admin/.

Deletes tags

If you only use tags for the Similar entries block, or don’t use them at all, it’s better to close them to avoid duplicates.

Deletes attachment pages

Each uploaded image has its own page on the site, consisting of only one image. These pages are successfully indexed and create duplicates. There may be thousands of similar attachment pages on the site.

Deletes duplicates of pagination posts

In WordPress, any entry can be divided into parts (pages), each part will have its own address. But this functionality is rarely used, but it can create trouble for You. For example, you can add a number to the address of any blog entry, /privet-mir/1/ — the entry itself will open, which will be a duplicate. You can substitute any number.

Deletes it ?replytocom

WordPress adds ?replytocom= Reply to the link in the comments, if tree comments are enabled.

Increases the protection of your site

Removes the ability to find out the administrator's username​

Have you changed your username from admin to another one so that hackers won’t find out Your username? Do not rush to be happy, type in the address bar вашсайт.ru/?author=1 and in 90% of cases, You will be immediately redirected to the author /author/alexey page, thereby giving out Your username.

Deletes meta generator​

Allows hackers to find out the version of WP installed on the site. This meta tag does not have any useful function.

Hides errors when logging in to the site

Hides errors in the WP by default shows whether You entered the wrong username or password, which lets hackers know whether a certain user exists on the site, and then start sorting through passwords. login to the site​

Removes the link to X-Pingback and the ability to spam Pingbacks

One of the reasons why your site on WP started to slow down is an attack on the site, in which there are more requests to the file xmlrpc.php, which is responsible for Pingback, remote access to WP. Via file xmlrpc.php it can be a DDoS or a brute Force attack.

Deletes the version from styles

WP, themes and plugins often includes styles specifying the file version of the plugin or of the engine, it looks like this: ?ver=4.7.5. first, it allows hackers to find out the version of the plugin or engine, and second, it disables caching for these files, which reduces the page loading time.

Deletes the script version

As with styles, scripts connect by specifying the file version of a plugin or engine, it looks like this: ?ver=4.7.5. first, it allows hackers to find out the version of the plugin or engine, and second, it disables caching for these files, which reduces the page loading time.

Content protection

Link to the source when copying

The source of additional backlinks to Your site. each time you copy the text, a link to the article will be added.

Disables the right mouse button

One way to prevent text copying is to disable the context menu.

Disables text selection

One way to prevent text copying is to disable the context menu.

Disables keyboard shortcuts

Another way is to disable hotkeys for copying, source code, saving, etc.


Redirect Manager

The redirect Manager allows you to specify which address to set up a redirect from. If You changed the page address, but users still go to the old address, you need to set up a redirect. You can also use it to hide partner links.

Notification about the use of cookies

Due to the law on personal data, it is necessary to show users a notification about the use of cookies on Your site.

Log of 404 errors

Do you know which pages you are losing traffic on? Changed the article address, changed the link format, lost images when moving — most likely You will not even know about it.

Disables Gravatar

As avatars in WP, gravatars from, an extra external resource to upload.

Notifications about updates

С версии 3.7 WordPress научилась автоматически обновляться и отправлять каждый раз e-mail об обновлении.

Disables RSS feeds

The main hole where Your content will be parsed is RSS feeds. For article sites, business card sites, and corporate sites, you must disable them.

Removes the «Site» field in the comment form

Tired of spam in comments? Do users leave «empty» comments for a link to their site?

Removes links to the site from the admin bar

The first item in the toolbar is the wordpress logo and external links to sites, documentation and WP forums.

Removes rarely used widgets

The «Pages», «Calendar», and «placemark Cloud» widgets are created based on an extra query to the database, but they are rarely used now, because » Pages «are easily replaced with the» Menu » widget, and the other two only create duplicates of pages.

Restricts or disables revisions

When you save and update any record or page, a copy of it is created (revision), which you can view or restore in the future. But over time, a large number of such revisions (and there may be dozens for each page) clog the database, wasting space and slowing down work. It is usually sufficient to store up to 3-5 recent revisions.

Disables the top panel of the administrator

By default, the top admin panel is shown for authorized users, but it is not always necessary.

Export and import settings

Migrating your unity Pro SEO settings between your sites has become much easier. You just copy the settings of one site and paste them in another.


Easy installation

Installing and configuring the plugin takes no more than 5 minutes

Optimal for SEO

Save up to 5000 € on SEO specialists for one of Your projects​

Flexible setting

Flexible settings allow you to enable only the features you need for Your site

Does not create a load

No frameworks, extra code, heavy libraries


32 162 plugin installations, more than 20 released updates

Technical support

Priority support via the ticket system and detailed documentation

Free update

Absolutely all plugin updates are free for life

Developing the plugin

We are constantly adding and expanding the functionality of the plugin based On your feedback

Screenshots of the plugin

How much does it cost on the freelance exchange?

We created a task on the freelance exchange — to perform all the functionality of the plugin for one of our sites. As a result, we received a price fork от 200 до 300 €!

And this is only for one site! Multiply by the number of your sites and get the total amount.

Customer reviews

Kyle Hill
Kyle HillUser
Read More

with the help of the SEO unity plugin, you can get as close as possible to the ideal in your WP site settings. For settings, you only need to tick the boxes ...

well Done guys, that created your product, which has no analogues in functionality in one place. Development!

Rob Chandler
Rob ChandlerUser
Read More

Excellent, high-quality plugin that will save a lot of time and money on further promotion of Your site.

I Recommend it to all WordPress owners!

Jon Reiner
Jon ReinerUser
Read More

I am a happy owner of the plugin and very happy with it. Although I am an experienced blogger myself, I have installed it on all my projects. The plugin is really useful, a huge number of options for configuring, correcting errors and improving the functionality of your Wordpess blog, website, etc.

the Plugin is easy to configure and regularly updated. For beginners, I recommend it! By installing the plugin, you will avoid a lot of errors in optimizing your sites, which everyone allows, and it will make your life easier, really!

Jean Choi
Jean ChoiUser
Read More

The Plugin is really good! Cleans the source code, removes unnecessary links, duplicates, hides external links, creates the correct robots itself, disables RSS feeds, and much more – you can't list everything.

Also, due To Google's latest site ranking requirements, the plugin creates a redirect from https to http.

Very happy. I recommend that everyone buy this plugin and no longer suffer in search of solutions to fix errors on their sites.

Shea Sacca
Shea SaccaUser
Read More

I Purchased a plugin and immediately put it on two of my sites. The flight is normal! Corrected critical comments and deleted page duplicates. No extra load has not appeared. I have been working with the team for a long time and 100% sure of the quality!

Ethan Hoffman
Ethan HoffmanUser
Read More

This is one of the few WordPress plugins that is really worth buying. SEOUnity is a" must have " plugin that is on par with SEO by Yoast.

I have not yet seen that just one plugin solves almost all the known problems and shortcomings of the WordPress engine.

Barry Dietl
Barry DietlUser
Read More

This is the best comprehensive solution in the field of plugins on WordPress. Excellent functionality that does not conflict with the engine, fast installation, easy setup in 5 minutes. The benefit of the purchase is 100%! Sites went to plus positions a few updates after installing the plugin.


Questions and answers

During the entire existence of the plugin (since 2016), there have been 2-3 such conflicts, no more. And after a request to support, we solve all the problems: either change something in our plugin, or contact another developer and look for a solution together.

Yes. After activating the necessary features in Security Pro, simply clear the cache in Your caching plugin.

You will receive an email with the license within 1-2 minutes. The email will contain a link where you can download SEOunity Pro plugin, and a separate link to detailed documentation.

All products in our store are sold for personal use only. Here You will chip in to the plugin — then a friend will pass the plugin to third parties or put it in open access. We will block the license, and the plugin will stop working on all your sites. Do you need it?

The situation is similar with folded and nulled versions. We successfully block several warehouses every month. Either the storekeepers themselves write to us and hand over all the information, or we calculate these would-be buyers.

During the entire existence of the SEO unity Pro plugin, it has more than one competitor. Someone took the appearance as a basis, someone the functionality. The appearance of analogues, competitors, and copies is a logical stage of a successful and working product.

Buy a proven SEOunity Pro or take it for free-it’s up to You. The cost of the SEO unity Pro plugin does not exceed one trip to a restaurant.

Moreover — you can find all the solutions in the form of separate plug-ins or functions and try to put them all together yourself. But is the time spent and nerves worth 49 euros?

Select a license

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Lifetime support

Unlimited updates

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Lifetime support

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Select license

One domain

Lifetime support

Unlimited updates

75.00 €

49.00 €


Lifetime support

Unlimited updates

No limit on the number of domains

120.00 €

65.00 €


SEOunity Pro for a single domain

49.00 €

Usual cost: 75.00 €

Lifetime support
Unlimited updates

By clicking the «Buy plugin» button, you accept the agreement and the offer.


SEOunity Pro unlimited

65.00 €

Usual cost: 120.00 €

Lifetime support
Unlimited updates
No limit on the number of domains

By clicking the «Buy plugin» button, you accept the agreement and the offer.


После оплаты в течение 1-2 минут мы вышлем лицензию и ссылку на скачивание плагина


SEOunity Pro для одного домена

49.00 €

Обычная стоимость: 75.00 €

Пожизненная поддержка
Неограниченные обновления
Нажимая кнопку «Купить плагин», Вы принимаете соглашение и оферту.


SEOunity Pro неограниченная

65.00 €

Обычная стоимость: 120.00 €

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